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Huong Son Hotel Welcome!
Located in the city center on down 3 CMT8 and An Hoa 1, you can easily find hotels Huong Son - Hotline +84975758750
With 9-storey architecture and over 50 rooms with luxurious interiors, fully furnished, warmly decorated, elegant, calm and good service. Huong Son Hotel come with you will really feel comfortable, convenient and satisfied by the professionalism and friendliness of all the staff. Huong Son Hotel Special VIP rooms all with balcony over the sea, panoramic beautiful Danang. Through the transparent glass layer this balcony, you can admire panoramic recreation center Hello, also scenic Marble Mountains. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities, such as air conditioning systems, bath, hot water, telephone, flat screen LCD television, safety box, cable TV for guests with many entertainment channels.

Besides, Huong Son Hotel also offers free high-speed internet service and daily newspapers to help you always capture the current events and information going on in the world in a fast and convenient most beneficial. Guests will find everything you need from restaurants, sightseeing information upon request.

Come to Hotel Huong Son comfortable and convenient as when you're at home. You will definitely feel completely satisfied with offering enthusiastic, attentive staff have been trained. With the motto "your comfort, our pleasure!" We always put the comfort of the guests on the top. We hope to contribute to bring you a great trip and the most fun to Danang civilized and friendly - hotline : +84975758750.
City People's Committee has issued plans to hold Demo Contest Danang International Fireworks 2015 (DIFC 2015) with the theme "Da Nang - Symphony of colors", took place in two nights 28 and 29-4- 2015.

Besides hosts Da Nang - Vietnam, DIFC 2015 with the participation of teams Fireworks for Africa (South Africa), Pyrotecnico (USA), Howard & Son Fireworks (Australia), Surex Firma Rodzinna (Poland). Thus, DIFC 2015 representatives from all 5 continents (Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Australia) competition. Global 2000 company (Malaysia) continue to be chosen as the consultant for DIFC 2015.
Under the plan, each team attended the 2015 DIFC will perform from 20-22 minutes (not to be under 20 minutes or 22 minutes too) under the theme of the contest. Evaluation criteria, grading will prioritize ideas, diversity and themes of performances; the richness, variety of colors; originality and quality of the performance, scale and effect amount; the synchronization between sound and image, the suitability of music with images of fireworks.

Place Fireworks at Han River port. The region stands at Tran Hung Dao street sidewalk (opposite the fire area); Bach Dang Street, Han River Bridge, Thuan Phuoc bridge and some boats are licensed to operate on the river ... the point view of the fireworks people and tourists. Hotline +84975758750
In addition to the performances featured fireworks, DIFC 2015 also auxiliary activities such as cultural activities, sports, travel ... are held before, during and after the competition to attract people and tourists. MPC. Danang encourage enterprises to participate in the proposed idea of organizing the activities auxiliary to DIFC 2015. City People's Committee assigned the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism to advise select implementing agencies of socialization drop flower and organize boat flower South river (at least 20 units and allows advertisers to place the logo on the boat).  Hotline +84975758750

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