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Hoi An lanterns

Location: Hoi An, Quang Nam Province. Features: Traditional lantern is one of the unique products of Hoi An - a world cultural heritage. Go to Hoi An, in addition to learn and admire the old town, enjoy specialty high floor or find some relax with classical music ... when night falls, tourists can enjoy the shimmering colors subtle, lyrical of lanterns covered the streets in the old town.
There is a little like the nostalgia of the past, very close but also very far, very real but also very vague. It looks like the atmosphere of a busy commercial port is currently on, the light and the shadow lantern old houses poetic.

Hoi An lanterns have long not just give the old town a unique personalities but also a souvenir goods attractive to tourists. Hoi An lanterns variety of colors, materials, designs and shapes, from round, octagonal, hexagonal to shape pumpkin, garlic simple. Hoi An people are proud of lanterns made by their own hands. To make lanterns, bamboo is old bamboo soaked in brine for 10 days against termites then dried, thin sharpening depending on the size of the lamps. Upholstery is cloth or silk rub, have tenacity to the tension was not torn and workers need technical stretch fabric perpendicular to at the bend.

It took 4 days of Cathedral nan until finished 2 lanterns plus the draw, decorate. On the night of the full moon, shimmering lanterns hung in front moonlight every home. Street stock when it is not the sound of cars, no electric lights, lanterns as splendid blooming surprise, stayed in thousands of tourists.

Hoi An is quite beautiful lantern, light is important and can collapse under the frame again by placing sticky to take. So many tourists buy a few lanterns as the stored memories of a romantic old town, while making a meaningful gift for a loved one. Hoi An lanterns became its own culture of the old town.
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